Champayne Dreams Lives Up To Her Name

Champayne Dreams, owned by Scotty Rice and shown by Tag Rice, came through the 20-horse NCHA Derby Open Finals of the NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular, with third-place earnings of $19,336.

Courtesy of National Cutting Horse Association
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2020 Legacy Ranch Horse Sale

The 2020 Legacy Ranch Horse Sale will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at the historic Prescott Rodeo Grounds in Prescott, Arizona. This highly anticipated annual sale is a collabora- tion between three of Arizona’s largest ranches – the K4 Ranch, Campwood Cattle Company, and the Diamond A Ranch.

Press Release
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When Can Mom Go Back To Work?

Question: When is it OK to start riding my mare after foaling?

Answer: My initial response is the same as a human obstetrician’s answer would be to a patient who asks how soon she can run a marathon after having a baby: “It depends.” What was her condition before the pregnancy?

Ben Espy, DVM, DACT
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Best Practices For Weaning A Foal

Nothing pulls at your heartstrings quite like the sound of a newly weaned foal whinnying frantically to its out of sight mother. Although weaning can be done any time after the foal receives an adequate amount of colostrum, ideally you will wean your foal when it is between 4.5 to 6 months of age. With proper planning and management, you can minimize the stress on both foal and dam during this process.

Courtesy of Southern States
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Assessing Hay Quality

In lieu of a serious injury or illness, feed makes up the majority of the annual cost of maintaining a horse. Forage, such as hay or pasture, makes up the bulk of the diet for most horses, and in some, the entire diet.

Richard G. Godbee, Ph.D.
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Does Your Horse Need Digestive Support?

It only takes one trip to the feed store to marvel at the vast array of equine feed products. The well-stocked shop also features a wide variety of forage, from baled hay to chopped, cubed and pelleted options.

Cynthia Mcfarland
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Fighting Flies

Every year, horse owners gear up for a major battle: fighting flies. This is a battle best fought on two fronts—first, minimizing the number of flies to begin with, and second, keeping your horse comfortable.

By Debra M. Eldredge, DVM Courtesy of Horseman’s Report
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The Pre-Purchase Examination

What is a pre-purchase examination? At its core, it is an examination to determine the current health status of a horse being considered for purchase. The controversy and problems, up to and including litigation, stem from misunderstanding concerning what the term “examination” means, the role of the seller, the role of the buyer, and the role of the veterinarian.

Courtesy of Barn Chats by Vetoquinol
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