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February Issue

Latest News

Online Auctions

Buy or Sell Your Horse By March 2nd with Pro Horse Services

“The Internet Horse Auction catalog is now available for bidders to view the horses offered in our two March Internet auctions,” announces Mike Jennings of the Professional Horse Services, LLC management team.


Feeding Growing Horses

The goal of any breeding program is to produce strong sound foals. To do this there are several factors involved including genetics, environment and nutrition. Nutrition is a critical piece of any successful breeding operation and must be considered at every level: Stallions, mares, foals.

Stable Care

Not Just For Horses

Using Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher Outside the Barn. Did you know that Sweet PDZ isn’t just for use on straw and wood shavings? And it certainly isn’t just for horses! After all, isn’t ammonia really just “ammonia;” whether a dog, cat, horse or elephant is producing it?

Online Auction

Bidding Closes Soon for January Internet Horse Auctions

“Bidding for The 48th Mid Winter Sales will close on Wednesday, January 18 and Thursday, January 19. These 2 auctions give buyers the opportunity to get there new broodmare, show horse, prospect or trail riding horse now and be ready for the Spring.”

Expo News

Pomona Horse Expo, February 3-5, 2017

Trail riders attending the February 3-5, 2017 Pomona Horse Expo and Trail Symposium will see the new phone app that empowers trail riders to report safety issues from their smart phone, tablet or computer and access park specific calendars, alerts, maps, news and park information. 



Barn Safety

Winter Woes: Dangers of Ammonia

It's true, the smell of ammonia may be stronger in the summer months, with the sun beating down on urine and heating up wet spots in stalls. However, that doesn’t mean that ammonia is gone in the winter.

Rider Health

Avoid Back to the Saddle Soreness

In some places, the winter weather becomes so inclement that horse owners are unable to ride for weeks, maybe months, so how do you stay in shape when you’re unable to ride?


Remembering a Legend... Benny Guitron

There’s something to be said for those who are born to strive for success. A willingness to learn and a never-ending quest to improve are some of the biggest attributes in becoming a master of a trade.

Equine Health

Symptoms of Ulcers

I recently bought a  mare that is seriously underweight. I’m worried that she might have ulcers. I’ve had her for a few weeks on grain and 24/7 hay and she doesn’t seem to be gaining any weight.